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Welcome to D’COUNNSEL, where we understand the importance of safeguarding the visual aspects of your products through effective industrial design registration. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the intricacies of the registration process, ensuring that your product designs receive the legal protection they deserve.
Why Choose D’COUNNSEL for Industrial Design Registration?
Expertise in Design Protection:
Our seasoned professionals bring extensive knowledge of design law, ensuring your product aesthetics are protected in accordance with legal standards.
Tailored Solutions:
We recognize the unique nature of product designs. Our solutions are customized to address the specific nuances of your industrial designs, whether you are in manufacturing, fashion, or any other industry.
Thorough Design Assessments:
Avoid potential conflicts by conducting thorough assessments of your product designs to determine eligibility and suitability for industrial design registration.
Efficient Registration Process:
We streamline the industrial design registration process, ensuring that your application is submitted accurately and promptly to secure timely protection.
Our Industrial Design Registration Services:
Design Eligibility Assessment Application Preparation and Filing Prosecution and Correspondence Renewals and Compliance
Conduct a detailed analysis of your product designs to determine their eligibility for industrial design protection.
Prepare and submit industrial design registration applications with precision and adherence to legal requirements.
Represent your interests during examination proceedings, addressing any queries from design authorities for a smooth registration process.
Stay informed about renewal requirements and compliance matters to ensure continuous protection for your product designs.
Our IPR Consultation Services
Trademark Consultation
Navigate the process of trademark selection, search, and registration to ensure your brand stands out and remains protected.
Copyright Advisory
Receive guidance on protecting your creative works, from literary and artistic creations to software and beyond.
Patent Strategy
Formulate a robust patent strategy to secure your inventions, innovations, and technological advancements.
Industrial Design Protection
Safeguard the visual aspects of your products with our expert advice on industrial design registration.
IPR Audits
Assess the strength and vulnerabilities of your existing IP portfolio through comprehensive IPR audits.

Safeguard Your Product Aesthetics with D’COUNNSEL

Your product designs are a valuable asset, and D’COUNNSEL is here to ensure their protection and enhancement. Whether you are a manufacturer, designer, or entrepreneur, our industrial design registration services are tailored to preserve the unique visual appeal of your products.
Contact us today to embark on the industrial design registration journey with D’COUNNSEL, and let your product aesthetics thrive with legal confidence and protection.


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