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Welcome to D’COUNNSEL, where we understand the significance of creating a safe and inclusive workplace through meticulous Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) compliance. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding organizations through the legal intricacies of POSH, ensuring a workplace environment that prioritizes dignity, respect, and compliance with regulatory standards.
Why Choose D’COUNNSEL for POSH Compliance?
Expertise in Workplace Compliance:
Our seasoned professionals bring a deep understanding of POSH regulations, ensuring organizations adhere to legal standards and create a secure workplace environment.
Tailored Compliance Solutions:
We recognize that each workplace is unique. Our solutions are customized to address the specific needs and nuances of your organization, fostering a safe and respectful workplace culture.
Comprehensive Training Programs:
Empower your workforce with our comprehensive POSH training programs, designed to educate employees and management on the importance of prevention and reporting.
Thorough Internal Investigations:
In the unfortunate event of a complaint, we conduct thorough and impartial internal investigations, ensuring a fair and transparent resolution process.
Our POSH Compliance Services:
Policy Development and Review Training and Awareness Programs Internal Committee Setup Complaint Resolution and Support
Craft and review POSH policies to ensure they align with legal requirements and effectively address the unique aspects of your organization.
Conduct engaging training sessions to educate employees and management on POSH compliance, fostering a culture of prevention and reporting.
Assist in setting up Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs) as per POSH regulations, ensuring compliance with committee composition and functions.
Provide expert guidance in resolving complaints, supporting organizations through the entire resolution process while maintaining confidentiality.
Our IPR Consultation Services
Trademark Consultation
Navigate the process of trademark selection, search, and registration to ensure your brand stands out and remains protected.
Copyright Advisory
Receive guidance on protecting your creative works, from literary and artistic creations to software and beyond.
Patent Strategy
Formulate a robust patent strategy to secure your inventions, innovations, and technological advancements.
Industrial Design Protection
Safeguard the visual aspects of your products with our expert advice on industrial design registration.
IPR Audits
Assess the strength and vulnerabilities of your existing IP portfolio through comprehensive IPR audits.

Promote a Safe Workplace with D’COUNNSEL

Creating a safe workplace culture is not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental aspect of organizational success. Partner with D’COUNNSEL to ensure POSH compliance, and let us help you create a workplace where every individual feels respected, valued, and protected.
Contact us today to initiate the POSH compliance process with D’COUNNSEL, and foster a workplace culture built on dignity and compliance.


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